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English Single Malt Whisky Review

Bimber Ex-Bourbon Oak
June 2020 Release
Single Malt Whisky

51.8% ABV
Non Chill Filtered
Natural Colour

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From the Distillery Website

Bimber Logo

A vatting of carefully selected Ex-Bourbon Oak Casks.

Bourbon barrels are constructed from Quercus Alba, or white oak, commonly known as American oak. This wood type complements the underlying character of our accessible fruit-forward spirit, imparting sweet, rich vanilla and caramel flavours alongside perfectly balanced spice. Every cask has been specially selected and married together in our hand-made oak vat, before being bottled. 

Thank you for sharing our journey with us. We hope that you enjoy our whisky

Our Review

Bimber Ex-Bourbon is/was released on the 9th June 2020. The distillery is quite new, it was founded in 2015 and they first casks were filled in 2016.

We are reviewing a 50ml sample that was part of the Summerton Virtual Whisky Festival which was held on the 30th May 2020. Summerton provide a subscription bottle club, check them out here .

I tried the whisky during the festival and spoilers, I thought it was amazing, in fact, lots of the comments coming from the festival participants was that it was well liked and proved very popular.

There isn't too much known at the time of writing about this particular Bimber release other than the press release and what was shared at the Summerton Festival.
Bimber follow Scottish whisky rules, however, they do a lot of small batch experimentation of unique casks and profiles.

This whisky is a vatting of 8 ex-bourbon barrels. It has the Bimber character which is sweet, with a doughy yeasty note and a peppery finish. Bottled at 51.8% there will be 1,950. Bimber are very popular on social media and with the limited release numbers, the distillery have setup 'Bimber Club' allowing members to have exclusive first access to upcoming releases and other membership benefits.

On the nose; it is very fruity, tropical fruits not necessarily juicy fruits, there is vanilla and some vegetal nose, maybe hay, there is spice and the alcohol is present, there is a distict bourbon whiskey note, but this is in the background, its a great nose, one that you can explore for quite a while, quite amazing given this whisky is only 3 years old.

On the palate there is so much going on, its oily and very mouth coating. A little waxy with fruits mainly citrus and tropical fruits, there is a note of mint and lots of oak. It is spicy, but the spice gradually builds it presence but doesn't get too out of control. There is a vegetal note, hard to describe but similar to a damp hay or cardboard but distinctly there, maybe this is the Bimber character.

On the finish there is chocolate, that vegetal note and pepper spice with the oak, its a decent length of finish.

It has a fantastic taste, its unique, so much so that I would buy a bottle straight away. It is quite similar to Westland American Oak and Daftmill 2007 Winter release, both that I reviewed recently. The flavours are very similar, with chocolate, some funky vegatal/chocolate, very enjoyable, maybe there is something that the smaller craft distilleries are doing.

In summary this whisky for all its 3 year age, disguises it well, in a blind tasting I would have said it was closer to a 8/10 year old. It has a fantastic nose that promises so much and the taste doesn't fail to deliver, in fact it gives so much more, a small sample isn't enough to get the most out of this whisky. How is it after some time in the glass to breathe? What is it like with water?

For an overall score this gets 89/100. A massive congratulations to Bimber for this outstanding whisky, they could easily have reduced the ABV to say 46% and try to make more profit, but they haven't, they have pitched a higher ABV that they feel displays the whisky at its best, this is a level of integrity that maybe the traditional whisky establishment should take a note off.

Highly Recommend this whisky.

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Additional Info

  • Country: England
  • Region: London
  • Age Statement: 3 Year Old
  • Chill Filtered: Non Chill Filtered (NCF)
  • Colour Status: Natural Colour
  • ABV: 51.8%
  • Cask Strength: No
  • Peated / Smoke: Unpeated
  • Cask Finish / Maturation: 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon
  • Single Cask: No
  • Mash Bill: Barley
  • Bottle Sizes: 700ml
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • Whisky Experience Level: Intermediate
  • Average Price (or RRP): £64.95
  • Value Score: 95.89
  • Our Score: 89
  • Ownership: Independent
  • Bottle Stopper: Natural Cork
  • Brand: Bimber
  • Packaging: Tube
  • Category: Single Malt
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