Scotch Whisky Basics 101 class will give you knowledge of the following subjects across several lessons with the option of taking an end of lesson quiz.

  1. Definition of Scotch Whisky - Followed by a quiz
  2. Categories of Scotch Whisky
  3. Whisky Regions of Scotland & their Classic Flavour Profiles
  4. End of Class Quiz

More lessons will be added to the curriculum as the learning pathway develops.

Scotch Whisky Basics 101 - Definition of Scotch Whisky

Scotch Whisky Basics 101 - Definition of Scotch Whisky

In this Class you will learn and understand the definition of Scotch Whisky.

There are several lessons:

1. Lesson 1 Definition of Scotch Whisky
You will learn the what is classed as Scotch Whisky
You will learn the basics of what Scotch Whisky is made from
You will learn some of the basic legal requirements that define Scotch Whisky

Followed up with a 10 question multiple choice quiz.

2.  Lesson 2 Categories of Scotch Whisky
The Two Types of Scotch Whisky
The Five Official categories of Scotch Whisky
The unofficial sixth category.

3.  Lesson 3 Whisky Regions of Scotland & Flavour Profiles of the Scottish Whisky Regions
The Lowland Region
The Highland Region
The Speyside Region
The Isle of Islay
The Campbeltown Region
The Classic Flavour Profiles of each region
The Scotch Whisky Regulations

As you move through each lesson you will see repetition of terms and content, this is in part due to the nature of the subject, there will be crossover between terminology and definitions, this will also reinforce learning and help retain the content to memory.

4 lessons 1 hour Beginner