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Why catalog all whisky?

This is a very good point!

Firstly, it would be impossible to catalog all whisky, irrespective of the number of hours of research & data entry it would require, for historic bottles, there just isn't the accurate data available to make it worthwhile.

Distilleries are very poor at keeping publicly accessible information available, for instance, look at the Octomore range from Bruichladdich, edition 13.4 has just been released, as the 13 range is the current bottle, their website displays the current 13 range, a bottle of 10.2 is displayed as they still hold stock and the 12 range is displayed as the outgoing range, there it is! Should you wish to find information about the 11 range or go back further to say the 5 range, then you will need to search the internet & piece together what bit of information has been recorded.

What we are doing at Whisky Resource is retaining as much information published by the distiller from their own website, which preserves an archive for future whisky enthusiasts.

While there are other websites available who are doing a similar job, they are no doing the same job as Whisky Resource, indeed some sites allow user entered data which results in bottle duplication and of course errors. While you can never prevent errors, by recording directly from the distillery we are reducing the errors as much as possible.

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