Ad Gefrin Distillery

  • Region or County: Northumberland
  • Date Established: 2019
  • Founders: Ferguson Family
  • Owner: Ad Gefrin Group
  • Distillery Name: Ad Gefrin
  • Capacity: 85,000L Year
  • Number of Stills: Made by Forsyths of Rothes. 1 Wash Still at 5000L and 1 Spirit Still 3500L. There is also a 350L gin spirit still.
  • Whisky Type: Malt (Diablo Barley from Northumberland) malted by Simpsons of Berwick.
  • Water Source: Onsite Bore Hole (30m deep) bringing water from Cheviot Hills
  • SMWS Code: No Code
  • Distillery Address: Ad Gefrin, South Road, Wooler NE71 6NJ
  • Visitors Centre: We are open all year except for the second and third weeks of January. Visitors Centre - Monday 10am – 6pm \ Tuesday Closed \ Wednesday 10am-6pm \ Thursday 10am-6pm \ Friday 10am-6pm \ Saturday 10am-6pm \ Sunday 10am-6pm
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  • Online Shop:
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  • Map:
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From the website: Our Ambition 

Ad Gefrin will be a destination like no other, and we cannot wait to welcome visitors from both near and far. This project is something that the whole Ferguson family feels passionate about. This is a story of regeneration, redevelopment, and stimulating potential. Our collective ambition is to give something wonderful back to our roots, into an area that has given us so much. In embracing all that the Golden Age stood for in terms of connectedness, cultural exchange and hospitality, we hope that Ad Gefrin brings people together and instils a sense of belonging.

That we will create an extraordinary visitor experience characterised by memorable hospitality is a given. That we will create a world-class single malt whisky as the hero product of a suite of spirits is our aspiration. That we will build a destination that is ‘owned’ supported and celebrated by the people of Wooler, that further enhances pride in our Northumbrian heritage and sparks optimism for our future – that is our promise.

“Everything we do, everything we create is born to bring people together.”


7th Century

Our inspiration comes from Northumbria’s Golden Age, a time when nearby Gefrin (Yeavering (link) was the 7th Century summer residence of its Anglo Saxon Kings and Queens; a time when kingdoms were defined by people not geography; a time when royalty were judged by their generosity not their wealth; a time when people travelled from North Africa, Europe, and Scandinavia to be part of the rich culture of the Northumbrian court; a time of welcome, celebration and hospitality.

631 AD

Bede (link) writes in his book 'Ecclesiastical History of the English People', of when King Edwin (link) and his wife Queen Aethelburga were living in Yeavering, Italian bishop, Paulinus (link), spent 36 days baptising the people and teaching them of the word of Christ.

1920's - 1988

Ferguson Family
Image: The Ferguson Family

Redpath Bros. Haulage own and operate the site of the future Ad Gefrin Distillery.
The Redpath family together with the Ferguson family being the brainchild for the distillery.
Alan Ferguson and Eileen Ferguson (Formerly Redpath), supported by the whole of the Ferguson family – an amalgamation of the local Redpath and Ferguson lineages – part of the fabric of Northumberland as a major family run business for almost 100 years.

The former site of Redpath Bros. Haulage

Image: The former Redpath Bros. Haulage Site


Discovered in 1949 in an area of pasture, is the site of Gefrin (Yeavering).


The site at Gefrin is excavated by Archaeologist Brian Hope-Taylor evealing a huge complex of large timber halls, a unique wooden grandstand and support buildings. It's one the most important archaeological sites of the 20th Century. It was home to Aethelfrith, Edwin and Aethelburga, the saintly Oswald, and his younger brother Oswy. And was one of the key sites in North of England for the early conversion to Christianity.

23rd Aug 2018

Artists Impression of the Ad Gefrin Distillery

Image: Artists Impression of the Ad Gefrin Distillery

The Chronicle runs a story announcing the formal plans for Ad Gefrin Distillery, the first distillery in Northumberland, England (link).

6th Sept 2019

Ad Gefrin announce that the distillery has received planning approval (link)

19th Feb 2021

Ad Gefrin announce they have had confirmation of Central Government go ahead & funding (link) 

11th Mar 2021

Ad Gefrin announce the appointment of their head distiller (link)

17th Mar 2022

The Whisky Stills are delivered to Ad Gefrin (link) built by Forsyths of Rothes.

The Ad Gefrin Still Room

1st Nov 2022

Ad Gefrin Tácnbora Batch 1 Blended Whisky (link) Is released.

Tácnbora is our Standard-Bearer in every sense. As the first spirit from Ad Gefrin we wanted to tell the story of who we are and embody our inspirations in one blend.

Each edition of Tácnbora will blend whiskies that represent the peoples of the Kingdom of Northumbria. Scottish, Irish, English, and Scandinavian whiskies will all feature as we explore the origins of our story and await the arrival of our Single Malt.

Batch 01, our inaugural edition of the Tácnbora, combines Irish and Scottish Whiskies.

17th Mar 2023

Tickets for the Ad Gefrin Museum & Distillery Tour go on sale for the first time

23rd Mar 2023

Ad Gefrin opens their doors to the public for the first time (link)


The archaeological site at Gefrin is under the ownership and protection of The Gefrin Trust (link)
The museum at the Ad Gefrin distillery is working in partnership with the trust to share the importance of the archaeological site. More information about the Distillery Museum can be found at the website (link)



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