Scotch: The Golden Dram

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Scotch The Golden Dram


Also Known as Scotch: A Golden Dream & Scotch: The Golden Dream

Andrew Peat's handsomely crafted feature documentary tells the story of the Scotch whisky industry through its most ardent enthusiasts.

You may have consumed the odd dram or two of your favourite single malt but how much do you really know about the “water of life”? Andrew Peat’s handsomely crafted, informative documentary tells the story of the whisky industry through its most famous distillers and most ardent enthusiasts. The global growth of the drink and the special relationship between Scotland’s barley farmers and distilleries are all part of a tale that includes testimony from the likes of master blender Ian McMillan and esteemed writer Charlie Maclean.


Date: 2019


Writer/Director: Andrew Peat

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